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We are leading supplier of bulk organic vegetables, fruits & Grocery to Wholesale Market, Retailers, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, PGs, NGOs, and Food service providers like Tiffin services.

We procure fresh vegetables & fruits directly from organic farmers. We have team for grading vegetables and fruits based on its standard shapes, color and maturity to make sure that customer get it defect free and best in quality. We also provide packing type options according to customer’s requirement.

We have food processing setup or organic grocery processing and packaging. We have been actively serving our customers since five years. We are in contract farming with many farmers to get regular fresh & quality supply in good rates.


Vegetables play an important role in human nutrition, as mostly low in fat and carbohydrates, but high in minerals, vitamins and fiber.

– Vagad Agro Trading Services


We have our own farm and contracted farming to get fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits throughout the year in competitive prices. At our farm, we are growing naturally and chemical-free vegetables & fruits. Our presence in the export market encourages us to improve our quality and supply.


All our business endeavors are supported by skilled professional team of agronomist and grader that works in proper co-ordination with each other to get high-quality vegetables & Fruits and supply according to the requirements of the clients. We identify the requirements of the clients to serve them in the best possible manner.


We are a leading supplier of organic fresh vegetables, fruits and grocery in India. We are supplying to Wholesale Market, Retail shops, Canteen’s of hospitals, Hotels & Restaurants, PGs, Tiffin service provider, etc. With timely supply and quality of products, we are getting positive responses to growing our business in the local market.


We are working in the agriculture industry with our services like Contract farming, Farm management, Agronomy consultancy service, Market research, Farm development, Protected farming, Exotic vegetable farming, etc. Contact us for more details about the Supply chain and sustainable farming solutions.

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